BLOG#16 The Bangkok Flip Flop Technique

In the heavy, sticky afternoon heat of Khao San Road market in Bangkok, I was the innocent victim of an ingenious sales strategy a few years ago. In the years since, I’ve identified a lot that I’ve learned about selling, marketing, decision making and pricing psychology (psychophysics) at work in the assault. Like many of … Continue reading “BLOG#16 The Bangkok Flip Flop Technique”

BLOG#7 Can You See the Invisible Influences?

Saturday afternoon, lazing about the house enjoying having nothing to do, the Food Network channel mumbled in the background as Tori and I chatted about what to have for dinner that night. (please don’t hang up this does have a point) We found ourselves getting dragged into Man vs. Food, a show where the host … Continue reading “BLOG#7 Can You See the Invisible Influences?”