BLOG#16 The Bangkok Flip Flop Technique

In the heavy, sticky afternoon heat of Khao San Road market in Bangkok, I was the innocent victim of an ingenious sales strategy a few years ago. In the years since, I’ve identified a lot that I’ve learned about selling, marketing, decision making and pricing psychology (psychophysics) at work in the assault. Like many of … Continue reading “BLOG#16 The Bangkok Flip Flop Technique”

BLOG#2 Become an Expert Salesperson with The Magic Question

If you’re good at providing a product or service, the chances are you aren’t as good at selling that product or service. That’s absolutely normal and makes perfect sense – they are completely different skills. And, if you spend all your time providing your product or service, you don’t have time to spend learning the … Continue reading “BLOG#2 Become an Expert Salesperson with The Magic Question”