BLOG#17 The Staircase

In all of the stories ever told about winners and losers, failures and successes, there is just one thing that separates the two: the failure gave up, the winner didn’t. It’s that simple. In an interview I saw yesterday with Al Pacino, he proclaimed: “Determination can beat talent!” …and it made me think about how … Continue reading “BLOG#17 The Staircase”

BLOG#10 The Two Best and Worst Reasons to Quit Your Job and Start a Business

I’ve always had a voice in my head whispering (sometimes shouting): “Don’t settle for an average life” So in 2009 I left a well paid career to start working for myself. To start building an extraordinary life. I can’t begin to describe the immense ups and downs life has thrown at me since then. Its … Continue reading “BLOG#10 The Two Best and Worst Reasons to Quit Your Job and Start a Business”

BLOG#7 Can You See the Invisible Influences?

Saturday afternoon, lazing about the house enjoying having nothing to do, the Food Network channel mumbled in the background as Tori and I chatted about what to have for dinner that night. (please don’t hang up this does have a point) We found ourselves getting dragged into Man vs. Food, a show where the host … Continue reading “BLOG#7 Can You See the Invisible Influences?”

BLOG#6 For a Better Day Eat the Frog First

My work days have gone a lot better since I started eating the Frog first. The Frog is that important thing you really don’t want to do, the thing you’ve been avoiding because it’s going to be uncomfortable. The Frogs in your life are what has made you an awesome procrastinator. But eating the Frog … Continue reading “BLOG#6 For a Better Day Eat the Frog First”

BLOG#3 How I’m Using My EU Vote to Be Happier

I firmly believe that my day to day happiness and satisfaction (or stress and dissatisfaction) with life is controlled entirely by me. It has ZERO to do with anyone or anything else and that includes whether the UK is part of the EU. My belief is that the feelings and emotions we experience are simply … Continue reading “BLOG#3 How I’m Using My EU Vote to Be Happier”